Russian Model Demonstrates How To Tell If Boobs Are Fake Or Real


This may not be an ‘everyday skill,’ but a Russian model has come up with a ‘handy’ way of finding out if someone has fake breasts or not…

Sveta Bilyalova had obviously had enough of wondering whether her fellow models’ boobs were au natural or surgically enhanced, so she developed a method of ‘authentication.’


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Along with her friend, Diana Melison, she created a technique, aptly named the ‘Tits Authenticity Verification’ and proceeded to produce a demo to ‘advise’ her followers.

The absolutely bizarre experiment involved shoving a couple of phones down her friends bra to see what colour her breasts lit up as…

According to Sveta’s ‘research,’ fake boobs will glow as red and real boobs won’t…

And it must work, as she deems herself a ‘scientist’ in her Instagram caption to her 4.6 million fans..

She wrote:

Tits Authenticity Verification. By the one and only scientist Sveta Bily ?
Full research on YouTube link in BIO
Real tits: @di_melison
Fake tits: a Bitch

Sending my love? Сендинг май лав

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Interesting idea.

I’m pretty sure playing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ while you conduct your experiment is optional though…