Russian Talent Show Contestant Breaks Her Nose Doing The Splits

by : UNILAD on : 20 Oct 2015 14:08

A Russian talent show contestant took the idea of break dancing way too far, ending her routine with an actual bang when she broke her nose while doing the splits.


Ouch! Still, at least 23-year-old Ekaterina Kondrashina achieved her dream of becoming famous, just not in quite the way she’d imagined.

The dancer was auditioning for the very literally named ‘Dancing’ (I don’t think a lot of brain cells were stretched coming up with that one) – the Russian version of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.

However, she was a bit overenthusiastic in her attempts to wow the show’s judges, dropping too close to the ground when she performed the full splits during the contemporary dance piece.



To her considerable credit, after smashing her nose on the ground as she dropped into the splits, she still actually finished the wild routine which had taken her two months to prepare.

However, as she got back to her feet once the music had stopped, she had blood absolutely pouring out of her nose and she wasn’t sticking around to find out if the judges liked her or not.

After being rushed off the stage to receive medical attention, Ekaterina was told she would need to go to hospital, although she was happy to hear that she wouldn’t need plastic surgery to fix her nose.

But her dreams of opening her own dance school will have to be put on hold while she has her face put back together. Talk about a costly mistake!

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