Russo Brothers Reveal Why They Left Captain Marvel Out Of Infinity War

by : UNILAD on : 09 May 2018 12:15
Brie Larson will star as Captain Marvel in her own stand alone film as well as Infinity War in 2019Brie Larson will star as Captain Marvel in her own stand alone film as well as Infinity War in 2019Marvel Studios

I think we are all now finally coming to terms with the blockbuster smasher that is Avengers: Infinity War.


It’s all anybody has been talking about recently, including the films directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

Avengers: Infinity War is the biggest Marvel film for as far back as I can remember. Hell, before it even hit cinemas it had sold more tickets than their previous seven combined.

Falcon flies over the battle ground in Avengers Infinity WarFalcon flies over the battle ground in Avengers Infinity WarMarvel Studios

While I’m no superhero film fan, it is a fact their past seven have been some seriously popular films so to combine their ticket sales is one serious achievement.


The past seven films are as follows: Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War, and Ant-Man.

Considering Infinity War is Marvel’s biggest and there was a lengthy hype before its release, I guess it is quite peculiar that Captain Marvel was left out of it.

Well wonder no more, because the Russo brothers have explained exactly why Captain Marvel was left out.

During a Happy Sad Confused podcast, the two brothers spoke out about Captain Marvel, HypeBeast report.

Joe said:

We want to save her reveal.

Anthony then added:


We also wanted to, it was very important to us to commit…we wanted to commit to this ending very hard. We didn’t want to go past the ending very much.

Joe replied:

We considered not doing any tags. Then we thought maybe it was too brutal. Everything’s about trying to find balance.

Then Anthony concluded:

She will be a part of the MCU at that point. And part of the promise of these movies is that they are a road forward for all the films.

The standalone Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson, is set to hit cinemas on March 8, 2019 – with Brie set to appear in the yet untitled Avengers 4 in May 2019.

Thanos on Gamora's homeworld in Infinity WarThanos on Gamora's homeworld in Infinity WarMarvel Studios

It’s thought that Captain Marvel was referred to by Nick Fury at the end of Infinity War in the post credits scene.

As the screen fades to black we hear the instantly recognisable voice of Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury, the head of SHIELD.

Chatting to SHIELD agent Maria Hill, played by Cobie Smulders, Fury reveals there’s a search for Tony Stark underway when all of a sudden, a driverless car crashes in front of them.

Of course the driver is missing as Thanos’ purge is underway.


In shock, we then see Hill start to fade away and before Fury can even finish the word ‘motherf*cker’, he suffers the same tragic fate.

Nick Fury Marvel Nick Fury Marvel Marvel Studios

However, some hope lies within the sadness, as before he disappears, Fury desperately attempted to contact someone using an old school pager – something straight out of the 1990s.

As the pager falls to the ground we intensely watch it to see if the message is received.

But who was Fury trying to call? For any comic book fan the logo which appears on the pager is instantly recognisable. Or if you paid attention to the picture at the top of this story.

The star? The stripes? The colour scheme? It isn’t Captain America. No, it’s Captain Marvel.

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