Ryan Gosling Had A Horrifying Experience During A Turkish Massage

gosling massage FBBBC/YouTube/Flickr

When he’s not busy being one of the most likable actors in Hollywood, it turns out that Ryan Gosling likes to de-stress and unwind with a nice Turkish massage.

Unfortunately for him, these things don’t always end up being as relaxing as you might hope.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night, Gosling recounting a pretty horrifying story of how his NOPE-worthy massage experience actually ended up making him more tense when he got a mouthful of hairy belly.

Appearing on the sofa alongside a giggling Russell Crowe to promote their new movie The Nice Guys, Gosling said:

I had an awful experience having a Turkish massage, where this guy’s idea of massage was to like take one leg and the other arm and try and connect it behind my back.

As he was doing this, his belly went in my mouth and you know when you have something strange in your mouth your brain sends your tongue to figure out what it is? My tongue was like, ‘What is that? It’s a hairy belly!’ It was traumatic.

That wasn’t the only embarrassing tale told on The Graham Norton Show either – comedian Greg Davies had Gosling in stitches later in the night when he told his own bizarre story of how a night of curry and alcohol inspired his new show Man Down.

Oh, and speaking of bizarre, Russell Crowe also revealed he was once stalked by Michael Jackson: