Ryan Reynolds Brilliantly Trolls Hugh Jackman’s Picture With Fans


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Wolverine and Deadpool have a hilarious back-and-forth with each other on Twitter

The likely hood of the fanboys and girls getting that much clamored Deadpool and Wolverine team-up with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, is looking less-and less likely. At this point you’ve got more chance of Batman popping up in the MCU, but that hasn’t stopped the two from throwing some friendly barbs at each other.

The friendly feud started on Twitter when Hugh Jackman posted a picture of him in Beijing, China during his press tour promoting the final Wolverine film, Logan.

Upon spotting this Ryan Reynold’s decided to troll the Australian actor, who’s kicked cancer’s arse (six time!), by claiming those ‘fans’ were actually ‘protesters’.

Jackman could only respond with a ‘Really…Guy … Really?!’.

This isn’t the first time these two have had a (friendly) verbal spar with each other. When Reynold’s revealed that he was getting a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame Jackman mocked him on Instagram, dubbing him as ‘a guy, who failed his high school drama class’.

Reynolds took another shoot at Jackman more recently in the new teaser for the highly anticipated Deadpool 2. After failing to save an old man from getting mugged (and then murdered) The Merc With A Mouth is wondering out loud-or doing that ‘breaking the fourth wall’ thing, if you want to be all technical about it-“how the other guys do it so quickly”.

He then figures out the poor bloke would probably be alive if he was Logan.

Logan is out now in cinema’s across the country, you can read our review here, which we thought “succeeds in what it sets out to do” as a “perfect love letter to the character” that we’ve come to know on the big screen and comics.

Deadpool 2 is scheduled to be dropping next year in March.