Ryan Reynolds Brutally Trolls Latest Ridiculous Fashion Trend

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King of the internet Ryan Reynolds is at it again.

Not content with trolling his own wife or Hugh Jackman, this time he’s taking on the fashion industry.

The Canadian actor took to Instagram recently to have a sly (though always tongue-in-cheek) dig at the weird new trend of hip fashionistas swapping their oversized sunglasses for tiny ones.

For example:


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Mr Reynolds, 41, decided to post his own take on the trend, saying:

I’m really into the whole tiny sunglasses trend. Thanks for your support everyone!

Of course, fashion isn’t the only thing Reynolds like to mock.

He struck again after interrupting Hugh Jackman’s heartfelt birthday message to an unknown person.

The short video, which begins with Jackman clad in a dressing gown explaining how busy he is, is quickly taken over by Reynolds lying on what looks like a hotel bed, dressed head to toe as Deadpool, singing along to Tomorrow.

It’s quite the video:

2018’s been a weird one so far for Reynolds. He’s released the hotly-anticipated Deadpool 2 and been fending off private life prods from the press.

He and his wife, Blake Lively have found themselves having to address split rumours recently, with media reports suggesting they’re struggling ‘to find quality time together’ because of their work schedules.

A source, ‘close to the pair’ allegedly told OK! Magazine, before the story was picked up by the International Business Times, they’re heading towards a divorce, even though it’s they’ve since clarified they’re absolutely not.

However, that doesn’t stop Reynolds from trolling Lively in his own films, oh no.

The happy couple are not shy of taking the p*ss out of one another to the joy and humour of millions of onlookers, but what happened this time?

Well there’s a sneaky and cheeky reference to one of Lively’s first films The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Check out the trailer here:

Right at the end of the trailer, Deadpool himself says:

Doing the right thing is messy, but if you wanna fight for what’s right, sometimes you have to fight dirty.

And that’s why Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is pure pornography.


Of course, Lively can give as good as she gets.

Remember this?

Happy Birthday, baby.

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Let’s hope the happy couple never stop their friendly banter. The internet desperately needs it.

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