Ryan Reynolds’ Response To Spider-Man Leaving MCU Is Making Fans Cry

Ryan Reynold's Response To Spider-Man Leaving MCU Is Making Fans CrySony Pictures/PA

Spider-Man fans are in disarray across the globe: the web-slinger is allegedly out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Sony Pictures, who own the film rights to the character, and Disney came to an agreement before Captain America: Civil War that allowed for the friendly neighbourhood hero to appear in MCU movies.

While the paperwork behind the deal is lengthy, the crux of it is this: Sony retains the film rights, financing them and receiving much of the financial reward, but Disney owns the merchandising rights to Spider-Man as well as 5 per cent of first-dollar gross (the money the movie makes on its opening day).

Far From Home Is The Best Live-Action Spider-Man Film To DateSony Pictures

Deadline reported their relationship has come to an end over the commodity that drives the world – money. Disney are reportedly pushing for a 50/50 financing and profit split on all things Spider-Man – particularly after Far From Home, which is the highest-grossing Spidey movie of all time taking $1.1 billion at the time of writing.

The news has not resonated well with the fans, striking a venomous chord with people who have experienced Sony’s infamously frustrating handling of the cherished character.

Spider_man dustedMarvel Studios

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the sweary, chimichanga-loving Deadpool – now technically part of the MCU after Disney bought 20th Century Fox – has shared his response to the news, and it’s ignited the feels among the fans.

After being asked on Twitter if we could get a Spider-Man and Deadpool movie, Reynolds offered a bittersweet reply.

He wrote: ‘You can. But you can only see it in my heart.’

The response has been immediate, with users across the world forced into a glass case of emotion over the news.

Sony Pictures have since posted a statement on Twitter, citing Kevin Feige’s – Marvel’s imperial producer – large workload getting in the way of looking after a character his studio doesn’t own.

The statement also adds that they hope this decision won’t last forever – so there’s a smidgen of hope there.

Have a look at the full statement below:

The story is far from over though. ComicBook report negotiations are still on-going. There’s also the cynical angle: have Disney stepped away from the table because they know they’re evangelical fans will step in and force Sony into a PR nightmare?

Spider-Man Infinity War gifDisney

One thing’s for certain: nobody wants Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to exit the MCU. Let’s hope the studios can sort out their differences. With great power, comes great responsibility, after all.

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