Ryan Reynolds Secretly Sung In Unicorn Mask On Korean Singing Show

Ryan Reynolds Secretly Sung In Unicorn Mask On Korean Singing ShowGetty

Ryan Reynolds is currently on a whirlwind press tour for his latest film Deadpool 2 , which is out in UK cinemas tomorrow.

Currently on the Asia portion of the film’s campaign, admittedly these junkets can be arduous and monotonous. Sure, you get to stay at fancy hotels and see what the world has to offer, but you also have to answer the same repetitive questions…again and again.

It’s a good thing the Deadpool 2 actor is always up for something different as proven during a trip to South Korea where he made the most unlikely of guest appearances.

It was for a popular signing competition titled King of Mask Singer – which sounds like a cool and quirky Japanese anime that I would desperately love to see made. According to The Daily Dot, the show’s premise has contestants performing a song of their choice while wearing a mask to disguise their identity which they would only reveal at the end of each episode.

Now Reynolds, being the international superstar he is, could have requested to be a guest judge, but instead he opted to take part. Wearing a unicorn mask and cape, so flamboyant it would make Ric Flair proud (Woo!), he performed a lovely rendition of Tomorrow from the hit theatre show Annie to an unsuspecting audience.

To be honest the unicorn mask is a bit of a giveaway considering how affectionate Deadpool is towards the mythical animal. Perhaps a little too affectionate…

While his performance went down well with the live crowd, it was their reaction when Reynolds revealed his true identity which was priceless. Those in the audience could hardly believe it was Mr Deadpool himself serenading the people with his lovely set of lungs.

He’s a talented guy, isn’t he?

Even his wife, Blake Lively was unaware he would be pulling such an audacious stunt, telling the judges he never even mentioned it to her.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Getty

Imagine if the stunt didn’t work out, what if his performance fell flat or it was so bad it would’ve caused a diplomatic incident between South Korea and his native Canada, did he think any of this through? We highly doubt it.

Known for his troll-like, savage antics across the Twitter no one is ever safe from a good old ribbing from Reynolds, previous victims include his own wife and Hugh Jackman. Even his own mother isn’t safe from some brutal (yet light-hearted) putdowns.

Sharing a photo of his mum, Tammy, on Twitter smiling next to someone dressed in a white rabbit outfit, Reynolds wrote:

Yeah, you’ve made some unsettling romantic decisions. But that never stopped you from being an amazing mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Over on Instagram Reynolds shared the same post, which also named the rabbit as being his mum’s ‘life-partner Doug’.

Receiving over 450,000 likes so far, fans applauded him in the comments section for, once again, making the internet laugh.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Reynolds has trolled his mum online.

The 41-year-old Deadpool actor shared a photo on Instagram earlier this year of his mother, covered in fake tattoos at Brazil’s Comic-Con.

My Mom had the best time in the #Deadpool tattoo booth at Brazil Comic Con. #ccxp2017

A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on

The post came only a day after he offered to give free tattoos to fans at the event.

You can see Reynolds back in action as the ‘Merc with a mouth’ in Deadpool 2 which is out in UK cinemas May 15.

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