Ryanair Is Doing The Least Ryanair Thing You Can Think Of


It seems that no-frills airline Ryanair is branching out from its origins as it launches its very own a private jet arm.

The Irish airline – famed for its cheap-as-chips image – has taken things to the other extreme by offering business-only flights for people who want to hire out an entire plane.

The luxurious Boeing 737-700 aircraft has undergone an impressive refurbishment, having its 189 normal seats stripped out and replaced by 60 leather ones, reports the Mirror.

Ryanair have refused to reveal how much the plane will cost to hire however, spokesman Robin Kiely insisted: “Ryanair will offer the most competitive rates in Europe.”

The plane itself is still covered with the full Ryanair livery on the outside, although not on the inside and is capable of flying up to six hours – anywhere in Europe – and possibly further.

The good news for those shelling out for their personal jet is that they won’t have to choose from Ryanair’s typical on-board menu of microwaved burgers and supermarket sandwiches.

Instead, passengers will reportedly be able to benefit from the ‘fine dining catering facilities’ available to them.

Ryanair said the launch of the charter jet was a response to the growing number of requests to privately charter its planes – and they have been flooded with interest since the announcement.


The airline is hoping the service will be popular with companies, sports teams or group travel and while it has just the one jet for now, Mr Kiely said: “If it takes off we may look at doing it more.”

Pun intended I assume. I hope they’ll still have the recorded cheering whenever it lands.