Ryanair Is Selling Flights For £2.99 Today, Here’s How To Get Them


Ryan Air has just dropped some of the cheapest flights ever seen, offering a one-way ticket to France and Norway for just £2.99.

Imagine, the money you just spent on three Greggs pastries could have been spent on a mini holiday.

There is no catch, they are just having an incredible sale with flights from London Stansted to Bourdeaux on April 4 for £2.99, as well as to Brive and Oslo on April 5.

All you need to do is act quickly and go on the sale page on their website.

If you can afford to splash out a bit to £7.99, then you can venture out to Bazel in Switzerland or Toulouse in France.

If you open up to £9.99 each way, you could take a spontaneous trip to Ibiza, Luxembourg, or Stockholm.

There are plenty of other incredible destinations in the sale, with Greece being the most expensive at £41.99.

Cue everyone submitting spontaneous holiday requests.