Sad Taylor Swift Photoshop Battle Is On And It’s Absolutely Hilarious


Sitting in a park

Who knew that a snap of Taylor Swift looking sad on a park bench could attract so much attention? 

Apparently it can and the internet have got stuck right into creating some first-class photoshop edits, as the world wonders why Swifty is so sad.

An Imgur thread has gone completely barmy for editing various people and/or objects into Taylor’s photo, speculating on what it is that’s making her look so glum.

Some of them are genius and some are just downright odd…

This one is the perfect blend of picnicking Keanu Reeves and gloomy Taylor:

This guy went one step further though… Tiny Keanu:

Friend is feeling so small.

Now it’s just getting strange:

At least a sleeping Kanye won’t interrupt any awards ceremonies:

All that money and still so sad…

A seamless transition onto the toilet:

A Cinderella themed edit complete with missing shoe…

Ah, the awkward moment you run into your ex, or even better, all of them…

Perhaps the popstar is unimpressed with Trump’s signing off the abortion campaign cuts:

Maybe a tiny Forrest could lend a hand:

Well this is weird…

And another:

I’m not sure who looks worse for wear in this one..

A sultry Game of Thrones edit is always a good shout though!

The transition from music to film via an inevitable ‘casting couch’:

Or perhaps she’s just contemplating a collaboration, this edit has Drake in mind…

Good work internet users.

Your photo-shopping game is strong.