Saddam Hussein Is Still Alive According To New Conspiracy Theory



Just when you thought that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was long dead and buried, someone tries to throw it all into doubt. 

It’s been claimed that the former president of Iraq is plotting a comeback, just like the Backstreet Boys. But instead of inflicting pain through awful music, he’s hiding out, biding his time and planning his way back to the top.

This is all according to Egyptian journalist, Anis Aldeghidy, who makes the extraordinary claims in his book aptly called Saddam Not Executed. Real original.


The former Iraqi president was hanged back in 2006 for committing crimes against humanity, after a U.S. led coalition dismantled his tyrannic regime.

Despite shocking images being released of his public execution, Anis is still not convinced that it was him.

The reporter has been rather outspoken about his views on the execution of Saddam, outrageously claiming that he’s still in touch with him and has even met him twice in person to discuss his path back to power.

To prove his bizarre claims, he posted a series of videos which were allegedly recordings of phone calls between the two.


In the most recent video, from a fortnight ago, Saddam apparently threatens to send brigades to Syria to punish President Bashar Al Assad for what he did to his country. The authenticity of the recordings remains unknown.

However, Saddam conspiracy theorist blogger Wisam Khalid Mohammed is convinced there’s something in his claims.

Mohammed grew up in Washington DC with his family, where his father was a diplomat to the Iraqi embassy. He became an avid follower of current affairs in the war-torn country and started noticing that each time Saddam Hussein would appear on TV ‘he would look different’.


So he believes it was a convincing body double, not the ‘real Saddam’, who was executed a decade ago.

He wrote:

I am very sure the CIA, Mossad, and all intelligence agencies of the world are now living in absolute hysteria. Saddam Hussein being alive alone is a threat to them far more superior than the threat of nuclear attacks due to the fact that they know what his mind is capable of and due to his large followers base not just the middle east but also worldwide.


To be honest, I think they’ve already got enough of their plate as it is – so lets just hope this is bullshit, eh?