Sadistic ‘Dentist Of Horror’ Who Mutilated Over 100 Patients Is Jailed

France Dentist on trialPA

A Dutch Dentist who took ‘pleasure at causing pain’ has been jailed for eight years after mutilating the mouths of well over a hundred patients. 

Nicknamed the ‘horror dentist’, Dr. Jacobus Van Nierop, carried out an innumerable amount of agonizing and unnecessary operations between 2009 and 2012.

The court heard that such brutality included barbarically removing lots of perfectly healthy teeth, as well as leaving drill parts in patients’ gums and teeth, leading victims to develop abscesses, septicaemia, recurrent infections and misshapen mouths.

According to the Independent, other patients were left with broken jaws and ‘permanent disabilities’.

France Dentist on TrialPA

However the sadistic horror does not end there.

One patient, 65-year-old Sylviane Boulesteix, testified in court of how back in May 2012 she was unexpectedly told to come straight to the dental practice where, with no word of warning, the ‘horror dentist’ pulled out eight of her teeth before fixing dentures on her raw gums.

Though the woman was ‘gushing blood’, she said that Nierop refused to do anything to relieve her crippling pain.


If you thought the story could not possibly get any worse, then you’re wrong – as it turns out the ‘horror dentist’ had even forged his documents to practice dentistry in France to escape disciplinary measures which were being taken in his home country.

Over 120 people eventually filed complaints against the dentist who worked at a practice in the Nevers town of Château-Chino, France.


Many psychiatric experts have claimed Van Nierop’s terrifying behaviour depicts a narcissistic and perverted personality which lacks moral sense and compassion.

His lack of compassion was clearly evident at one point in the trial, when the lawyer of a former patient asked for an apology, to which Nierop replied:

I have no feelings any more. So, if I was offering my apologies today, I would be lying.

He was eventually convicted of 85 counts of assault, including 45 counts of mutilation, and of 61 counts of fraud against patients.