Saffie Roussos’ Mum Wakes Up From Life Support To Be Told Her Daughter Is Dead


The mum of the eight-year-old girl killed in the Manchester Arena attack has woken up in hospital to the news her daughter died as a result of a suicide bomb.

Saffie Roussos’ mum was seriously injured after the horrendous terror attack last week at the Ariana Grande concert, which claimed the lives of 22 people including her young daughter.

Now 48-year-old Lisa – who has gone through two major operations for her injuries sustained in the blast – is described as ‘pulling through’ physically.

A huge display of balloons and flowers have been left for the family outside of their Leyland chip shop, as hopeful well wishers wait on Lisa’s recovery, the Mirror reports.

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Mike Swanny – a close friend of the family – has today revealed Lisa no longer requires life support and is now conscious.

He said:

The news about Lisa being out of danger is the biggest in this since the start.

She was in a critical condition at first, but she came off life support on Saturday and was up and talking on Sunday.

She’s aware of the situation with Saffie.

She’s still in hospital, but she’s moving her legs, which is fantastic. Lisa’s pulling through and it’s really important people know that.

Ashlee is remarkably well. She went to a different hospital to her mum with wounds, but it looks like she might be out as early as Wednesday.

Andrew has been so strong. He’s not wanted to grieve until he knew his wife was going to be okay. He’s been a machine all week.


We wish her all the best for her recovery and our thoughts are with the family and all the victim’s families at this difficult time.