Saints Row Dev Reveal Insane First Trailer For Agents Of Mayhem


Volition have released a stylish new trailer for their upcoming game Agents of Mayhem, and it’s as mental as you would expect from the team behind Saints Row. 


The trailer itself doesn’t seem to give anything away regarding gameplay, but the colourful characters and gorgeously stylized graphics are truly tasty.

The different characters all seem to have entirely unique abilities and skills, so I would imagine that Agents of Mayhem has a focus on mixing it up with a number of heroes and villains.

IGN reports that Agents of Mayhem is:

An exclusively single-player open-world action game featuring characters with cool guns, gadgets, and abilities to toy around with.


Check the trailer out for yourself just below. Hopefully we’ll learn more about Agents of Mayhem at E3, because I’m still sat here scratching my head.

Although to be fair, it was all worth it just to hear the phrase “ahoy, motherfucker” – A phrase that is genuinely used in the below trailer, and something I will now have carved onto my tombstone.

Whatever the hell it is, Agents of Mayhem looks to be coming sometime in 2017.