Sam L Jackson Describing GoT Is Better Than The Show Itself


There are now six long seasons of Game of Thrones to work through if you’re of the very few remaining people left to actually start watching it – but it’s never too late to jump on the Westeros bandwagon.

Want to cut corners and save time? Let Samuel L. Jackson bring you up to speed.

Provided by HBO themselves, the video does a pretty great job at summarising all the relevant plot points from the show’s first five seasons, while leaving out out all the boring ones and even straying from the shocking ones (ahem – Jon Snow).


Jackson hits all the relevant points though – Westeros’ seasons last a ridiculously long time; There are tons of dragons; The Starks are not so great at staying alive; Joffrey’s a brat; the White Walkers are going to kill everyone; Cersei is a bitch; and Daenerys is slowly building up a force to take down everyone.

And to get past all the boring stuff? Jackson explains it all like this: “Now some time has passed now and all hell has broken loose because of some things I don’t have time to explain.”

Basically, this is the most effective advertisement for Game of Thrones we’ve ever seen.


But, to be honest, anything is made 100 per cent better with Samuel L. Jackson – especially when his narration compares Dany to Beyoncé, describes White Walkers as ‘the scary motherfuckers’, and summarises Bran Stark’s entire storyline like this: “Bran? Bran trippin”.

Whatever HBO paid Samuel L. Jackson to voice this recap definitely wasn’t enough.