Samuel L. Jackson Hints At Red Skull’s Return To Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Badass motherfucker and former leader of SHIELD Samuel L. Jackson dropped a bit of a clanger in a recent interview hinting at the future of the Marvel Universe. 

Jackson, who’s out promoting his latest film Kong: Skull Island, was being interviewed by on HOT 97 when he was asked about his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically where Nick Fury was in Civil War.

Clearly forgetting that Disney snipers have the cast and crew of all Marvel films under constant surveillance Jackson said something incredibly intriguing.

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He said: 

You didn’t see me in Civil War. I’m still out there trying to figure out what The Skull is going to…

Fortunately for him he then appeared to remember himself and trailed off before he could reveal any more about ‘The Skull’, no doubt sparing him the sniper’s deadly bullet.

Of course we don’t know if he meant the Red Skull, previously played by Hugo Weaving, but there are very few characters in the Marvel Universe who he could have been talking about leading to speculation everyone’s favourite rosey cheeked Hydra commander could be about to return.

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Jackson isn’t expected to return to the series until the upcoming Infinity War and the last we saw of the Skull he was thrown through time and space by the Tesseract, which will play a prominent role in the film, so he could be back.

Hugo Weaving has changed his tune on the Red Skull in recent years, originally he complained about how he was treated, so who knows should the Skull return Weaving may be back as well.

Would you like the Red Skull to return or are you done with Hydra?