Samuel L. Jackson Performing Classic Movie Lines Is Unbelievably Cool

by : UNILAD on : 05 Jan 2016 17:47

Have you ever wondered what Samuel L. Jackson playing Gandalf or Benjamin Braddock might have sounded like?


Well now it might be a little bit easier to imagine it, as the living legend himself has added to his own arsenal of iconic movie lines (“This is a tasty burger”) by trying his hand at a few other classics.

During Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert offered Jackson a few already-iconic movie catchphrases for him to put his legendary stamp on.

With lines from The Graduate, The Princess Bride (a personal favourite), Lord Of The Rings and Dirty Dancing all making an appearance, you can only close your eyes and imagine how undeniably badass those films could have been with a little sprinkling of SLJ.


And, just for good measure, Colbert got Jackson to record what could be the coolest outgoing answerphone message you will ever come across. I might make it mine, actually…

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