Samuel L. Jackson Reveals How Many More Films He’s Going To Make


Legendary bad-ass and all-round cool motherfucker Samuel L. Jackson is one of the busiest men in Hollywood and he’s only going to be getting busier.

The Pulp Fiction star has revealed, that despite appearing in 165 movies so far, he’s no intention of retiring soon saying he wants to get to 200 movies before he stops.

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That means the actor, who made his name in films like Jurassic Park, Jackie Brown and Patriot Games, plans on making an incredible 35 more films.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Jackson said:

It’s kind of funny because it happens and you go, ‘So am I supposed to slow down or stop working now?’ So I’m not sure.

Actually, somebody told me, ‘Well, you’re up to 165 [movies]’, so I’ve got to do at least 35 more movies to get to 200. I want the 200.

Samuel-L-Jackson-as-Ray-Arnold Universal Pictures

Jackson believes that he’s got a good seven to eight years left before he calls it quits and currently makes an incredible four to five films a year so he should hit 200 pretty easily.

The prolific actor certainly isn’t slowing down any time soon either and with the release of the Legend of Tarzan on Wednesday he’ll only have to make 34 more!

Good luck you bad-ass motherfucker!