Santa Wins Christmas After Touching Encounter With Autistic Kid

bray1Autism Speaks

Being a parent with an autistic child can be one of the hardest tasks.

For Erin Deely, that’s normally the case, and she thought her son Brayden wouldn’t be able to meet Santa this year.

The noise and the environment could have easily frightened her son, but amazingly, the Santa she took him to see knew just what to do.

That’s because the Santa was a ‘Caring Santa’, in SouthPark mall, Charlotte, North Carolina, and was specially trained in how to treat kids with disabilities and challenging conditions.

brayAutism Speaks

Erin said:

I thought we would never get those holiday pictures with him because it’s something he can’t handle – the noise, and the pressure. He gets anxious if you ask him to smile, it’s all too much for him.

Oh my gosh, to be able to do something that other families do…normally a lot of things are harder for us as a family and we got to do the same tradition as everyone else, we just do it on the floor.

The fact that ‘Caring Santas’ exist is brilliant, and clearly makes such a difference in the lives of families who already have it hard enough.

Brilliant stuff.