SAS Sniper Kills Five ISIS Members With Three Bullets In ‘Classic Mission’

by : UNILAD on : 14 Dec 2015 10:51

An SAS sniper has killed five members of ISIS in Iraq using just three bullets.


The targets were exiting a bomb factory near Mosul and were wearing heavy coats despite the heat, suggesting they were armed with suicide vests.

According to The Mirror the British sniper opened fire from 800 metres away, with his first bullet hitting one militant in the chest and detonating a bomb vest which in turn killed two more jihadis.

His second bullet hit the next target in the head, while the fifth and final terrorist was killed as he attempted to run back into the factory.

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Army sources speaking to The Express said:

This was a classic SAS mission.

About three weeks ago the intelligence guys got information that a bomb factory had been set up in a nearby village.

With just three well-aimed shots that single team has probably saved the lives of hundreds of innocent people.

The unit was sent in to see if they could identify the house and the bombers.

There were too many civilian homes nearby and children were often around so an airstrike was out of the question.”

The unnamed sniper undertook the mission two weeks ago, and the result is that hundreds of lives that perhaps would have been claimed in bomb blasts have been spared.

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    SAS sniper kills FIVE ISIS suicide bombers with just THREE bullets