SAS Sniper Shoots And Kills ISIS Target From 1.5 Miles Away


An SAS sniper has reportedly shot dead an ISIS Jihadi from 1.5 miles away using the world’s most powerful rifle. 

In just three seconds, the bullet reached the throat of the target during combat in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

The gun used by the British marksman, a CheyTac M200 Intervention gun, can vaporise a persons organs from 2,500 metres away and holds the record for the world’s longest shot.

As the terrorist was leaving a burned-out building, the SAS gunman is said to have pulled the trigger on the most powerful rifle on the planet, registering one of the most difficult kills in the regiment’s history in just a single shot.


A source told The Star On Sunday:

It was a classic counter-sniper operation, with the ISIS gunman moving all the time to get into the best position to get a kill.

It was like a game of cat-and-mouse and at one point the SAS almost gave up, believing that the terrorist had gone to ground.

Just as the light was beginning to fade the gunman moved into what he thought was a safe location and lifted his rifle up into his shoulder before the SAS shot him dead.

The militant he killed was also a sniper and the British soldier had seen him gun down and wound several of his comrades.


It comes as Iraqi special forces declared their mission in Mosul complete on Saturday after the group retook the last western districts from the Islamic State group within their area of operation, according to a military spokesman.

ISIS still controls some areas of western Mosul, including the dense Old City where some of the toughest battles are expected to play out.

Special forces spokesman Sabah al-Numan said his troops had completed their initial mission, but stood ready ‘to support any other forces if we are ordered to by the prime minister’.


Elsewhere in central and southern Iraq, a series of bombings killed at least 27 people.

The fight for Mosul’s west has been marked by some of the most gruelling and deadly combat in the fight against IS in Iraq to date.