SAS Soldier Single-Handedly Killed Six ISIS Fighters During Ambush

Hayat Boumeddiene 'appears in Islamic State film' - 06 Feb 2015REX

According to reports, one SAS soldier managed to kill six Islamic State militants single-handedly during an ambush in Syria.

The unnamed soldier, along with eight of his comrades, was attempting to smuggle a secret agent out of the war-torn country and into Iraq when they were ambushed by 30 militants.

However, in the midst of the battle, one of the SAS soldiers was able to kill six ISIS fighters using an automatic shotgun.


One source speaking to the Daily Star, revealed: “It was a classic SAS encounter. They had lost the initiative when the ambush was sprung.”

“They were out-gunned and out-numbered but the team remained calm and focused. The last thing the jihadis expected was to be attacked, given that the SAS team consisted of eight men and there were at least 30 enemy fighters.”

“The SAS quickly regained the initiative by using courage, aggression and firepower.”

The source went on to claim that the mission was a success, and the SAS troops managed to get to their Iraq headquarters.