Satellite Images Show Something Seriously Weird At North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site


There’s been a lot of talk about North Korea recently but absolutely none of it has been quite as chilling as these satellite images.

The images, investigated by a series of U.S. experts, show a nuclear test site at a time when fear is rife that Pyongyang will launch an attack at the U.S, reports the BBC.

But look closely. What is that at the bottom right of the image? A group of soldiers preparing for war with Russia? A flock of menacing scientists chatting about nuclear warfare? No, much weirder than that.

A game of volleyball.


Seriously though, I shit you not – why on fucking earth are there people playing volleyball near a nuclear test site? Can the world get any weirder?

Now back to reality – the volleyball game, having being analysed by some experts over in Maryland is thought to be either one of two possible things: either preparations have been put on ‘stand-by’, or this was part of a ‘deception plan’ by the government.

The status of the test site remains unclear with experts Joseph S. Bermudez Jr, Jack Liu and Frank Pabian saying:

Possible explanations for the most recent developments are [that] the site and associated preparations for a sixth nuclear test have transitioned to a ‘stand-by’ status, with personnel being allowed some down-time for recreation.

[Or that] Pyongyang has initiated a tactical pause in activity at the test site as part of an overall deception plan, delaying the sixth nuclear test until a time when a detonation would achieve the greatest political advantage.


Over the past few weeks tensions have escalated between the rogue state and the U.S. with Mike Pence warning Kim Jong-un that patience is over with North Korea.

But will Korea really start a nuclear holocaust or are they going to dominate the world with the hottest volleyball team since, well, the U.S.?

I sure hope it’s the latter.