Saudi Arabian Princess Flees Paris After Ordering The Execution Of Workman

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The daughter of Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia has fled Paris amid accusations of inhumane violence.

Princess Hassa now seeks diplomatic immunity after it was alleged that she instructed a bodyguard to kill a workman for taking a photograph of her.

Before initiating a violent four-hour ordeal that took place on 26 September, the 42-year-old daughter of the Saudi Arabian King (pictured below with President Obama), reportedly told her armed aide: ‘You have to kill this dog, he doesn’t deserve to live.’

King of Saudi Arabia

The Princess instructed the unnamed 53-year-old victim to kiss her feet after she caught him taking photographs of the inside of her palatial Parisian apartment, according to eye witnesses, reports the Daily Mail. Her aide then allegedly bound the Frenchman’s hands and feet before violently beating him.

The man, a contracted painter and decorator, was in the apartment completing renovation work. Hassa believed him to be photographing her home to sell images to the press, allegedly.

The Avenue Foch apartment, by the exclusive Arc du Triomphe, is illustrative of the luxury to which Hassa is accustomed.

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Clearly, this Princess’ privacy is more important than the safety, well-being and dignity of another human being.

Hassa’s armed bodyguard is currently facing a criminal trial after being arrested for violence with a firearm, kidnapping, and assisted kidnapping. The Princess has thus far been absent in court.

After confirming the Princess was indeed present throughout the ordeal, her bodyguard told the instructing judge that he did the ‘minimum necessary’ to ‘restrain’ the workman and stop him from taking photos.


After the brutal beating, the workman was kicked out of the flat and told to ‘never return’. He has been given a week of compassionate leave while he recovers from the injury and trauma.

Meanwhile, the Princess fled Paris, where she is well-known for enjoying the lavish luxury and multi-millions that go hand in hand with being a member of the Saudi Royal Family.

Apparently money can’t buy humanity.