‘Scandalously Dressed’ Women Surrounded And Attacked By Angry Mob

Live Leak

A shocking video shows the moment two women were harassed and assaulted in the streets of Morocco by an angry mob, allegedly because of what they were wearing.

In the footage uploaded to Live Leak, the young girls are surrounded by a crowd of men who shout insults and attack them. The uploader of the video claims the women were targeted because their clothing was deemed unacceptable.

The scene quickly escalates as the two girls, clearly panic stricken and screaming, try and escape the awful scene.


Threats can clearly be heard in the background of the footage, including one bloke who, as translated by Morocco World News, shouts: “I will deform your face. God damn you, dirty bitch!” His mother soon runs over to try and calm him down. She must be so proud…

One of the women is able to run away from the threatening group, but the other is caught by men in suits and dragged back into the building from where she’d just emerged and forced to sit in a reception area.

Some on social media have wondered if there may be more to the story and a different reason why people among the crowd are so angry, speculating that the women may have said something to the staff or caused trouble inside what appears to be a hospital.

Either way, there must have been a far better way to handle the situation than this!