Scary Satellite Images Show Massive Twin Typhoons Expected To Hit Southeast Asia

by : UNILAD on : 18 Aug 2015 15:28
goni-atsani 2015 EUMETSATgoni-atsani 2015 EUMETSAT2015 EUMETSAT

Two massive typhoons are set to wreak havoc in Southeast Asia in the coming week.


Twin typhoons Goni and Atsani are currently spinning around the Northwest Pacific Basin, away from civilisation. One could be heading towards Taiwan and the northern Philippines later this week, bringing disastrous amounts of rainfall.


Typhoon Goni is expected to reach either the Philippines or Taiwan by the end of the week, although there is still uncertainty about where it might hit. It would be especially catastrophic if it hit Taiwan, as the country was hammered by more than 50 inches of rain a ten days ago by Typhoon Soudelor.

Typhoon Atsani looks like it will hit Japan next week, although there is still a chance it might miss the island nation.


Both typhoons are expected to pick up in intensity, with Goni potentially becoming a super typhoon with sustained winds of 150 mph. Atsani is likely to become even more powerful, with sustained winds of 160 mph.

If Atsani reaches that level it will be the seventh Category 5 storm to form on earth this year. And if they both become super typhoons, it’ll be the first time since 1997 that two storms of that intensity have formed together in the Pacific.

It’s a scary time for extreme global weather patterns, and hopefully these typhoons will pass without causing devastation.

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