School Being Sued For Allowing Boys To Wear Dresses

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A Christian couple are are suing their sons’ school after staff allowed boys to attend classes wearing dresses saying it’s ‘wrong to encourage very young children to embrace transgenderism’.


Nigel and Sally Rowe have since removed their six-year-old son from the Church of England school after a male classmate was allowed to attend the primary school wearing a dress, writes The Telegraph.

The couple had also removed their eight-year-old son from the same school after a boy in his class was also allowed to wear a dress.

Watch a clip of their interview on This Morning here:

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They said they now intend to educate their sons at their home on the Isle of Wight.

Mr and Mrs Rowe appeared on This Morning to explain their decision to take their boys out of the school, but were challenged by presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

They said the point they were trying to make was that the children are of primary school age, and argued that it was ‘unfair’ on the other children.

Holly and Phil couldn’t understand why the couple couldn’t just have a conversation with their children and argued it was what was needed to make the world a more accepting place.


Mr Rowe previously told The Sunday Times: 

A child aged six would sometimes come to school as a girl or sometimes come to school as a boy.

Our concerns were raised when our son came back home from school saying he was confused as to why and how a boy was now a girl. We believe it is wrong to encourage very young children to embrace transgenderism, boys are boys and girls are girls.

Gender dysphoria is something we as Christians need to address with love and compassion, but not in the sphere of a primary school environment.


The school, which remains unnamed, said transgender pupils were ‘protected under the Equalities Act of 2010’, and that it had ‘policies in place to tackle transphobic behaviour’.

Mr and Mrs Rowe are expected to instruct Paul Diamond, a barrister who specialises in cases of religious discrimination.

The school falls under the Diocese of Portsmouth, for which a spokesman said its schools are ‘inclusive safe spaces which respect diversity of all kinds’.

David Walliams, who wrote the book The Boy In The Dress, posted on Twitter after reading about Mr and Mrs Rowe:

Well done, that school – and well done, Holly and Phil.

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