School Bully Instantly Regrets F*cking With Kid With MMA Skills


If you’re going to bully someone, make sure he’s not a young MMA fighter in the making, otherwise you’ll get your ass well and truly kicked – like this guy did.

A new clip surfaced on Youtube yesterday showing what starts off as your average school bully altercation. Footage shows the bully picking on two boys before shoulder-chucking one and pushing him into a window.

That’s when shit gets real.


Apparently, the kid is a pro at martial arts. Unfortunately for the bully, he absolutely takes him down – finishing him off with an arm bar for extra humiliation.

The bully comes back for more, but eventually walks away after the kid is met with praise from his peers, with one telling the bully: “He beat your ass Mitch.”

Moral of the story? Pick your battles wisely.

Watch the full video here: