School Of Rock Star’s Mugshots Released After ‘Repeatedly Stealing Guitars’

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Ever wondered what the kids from School of Rock are up to now?

It was a great film, one of Jack Black’s finest in my humble opinion. But, for the kids in the film, there are downsides to being exposed to such a level of fame at such a young age. Just ask Macaulay Culkin or Drew Barrymore.


While some of the actors still hang out with their old music teacher, it seems – sadly – others have fallen on hard times.

It’s been reported that Joey Gaydos Jr., the guitarist from the fictional band has, in a twist that couldn’t be made up, been arrested by police for allegedly stealing guitars and an amplifier.

According to TMZ, Joey is facing charges in Florida for larceny and grand theft, after police caught him four times in the last five weeks stealing musical instruments.


Joey was reportedly walking into music shops, ‘testing’ the instruments, and then walking out without paying for them. He would then allegedly sell them in pawn shops.

According to police, the actor’s string of musical heists began earlier this year when he allegedly walked out with an Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy, valued at $800, a black Fender Stratocaster worth $699, and a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, worth $1,900. I guess taking a Gibson Flying V would’ve been too obvious for the guy.

joey gaydos jr mugshotsFlorida Police/TMZ

Joey was also reportedly arrested for stealing a Fender amplifier too. According to police, the actor and musician blamed the incidents on a drug problem. In court, however, he reportedly entered not guilty pleas for the guitars, and is yet to enter a plea regarding the amplifier.


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It’s not the first time Joey has had a run-in with the law. Unfortunately, a few years ago, he was also busted for an underage DUI (driving under the influence). Since then, it was reported he was doing well, living in Detroit and making a living from being a musician.

We hope Joey can find the help and support he needs to get himself back on the right track again.

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