School Principal Under Investigation For Paddling 6-Year-Old Child As Punishment

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School Principal Under Investigation For Paddling 6-Year-Old Child As PunishmentWINK News

A Florida school principal is under investigation after footage emerged of her beating a child with a wooden paddle in front of the pupil’s mother.

The video, which was secretly filmed by the mother, shows Melissa Carter – principal at Central Elementary School in Clewiston, Florida – dealing out the punishment by forcing the 6-year to bend over and giving her multiple hits on her backside.


The mother said that she was called into the school after her daughter allegedly broke a computer screen. She was told that repairs for the damage would cost $50, but was taken completely by surprise by the additional punishment doled out by the principal.


According to local station WINK News, the mother speaks little English, and didn’t fully understand the situation until it was too late.

Speaking in Spanish, she told reporters that she was too frightened and shocked to step in, saying:


I had never hit her…

The hatred with which she hit my daughter, I mean it was a hatred that, really I’ve never hit my daughter like she hit her.

Realising that with no security cameras present she would have no other way of proving what happened to the authorities, the mother then decided to covertly film the incident by hiding her phone in her purse.

‘Nobody would have believed me,’ she said, adding, ‘I sacrificed my daughter, so all parents can realize what’s happening in this school.’

‘I’m going to get justice for my daughter because if I could not do it in front of her, I’m going to do it with justice,’ she said.


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Beatings like the one given out by the principal seem like a seriously outdated and cruel method of punishment, but they actually remain legal in certain parts of Florida. However in Hendry County, where this incident took place, corporal punishment is banned, with regulations outlawing practices that ‘demean students’.

The family’s lawyer, Bret Provinsky, said that the principal was currently under investigation for the incident, telling local news that the beating amounted to ‘aggravated battery’.

According to the mother, her daughter was left with red marks and bruises caused by the paddle, but she is also worried about the possible psychological damage she may suffer as a result of the humiliating and brutal encounter.


‘The child is terrified, she feels vulnerable,’ Provinsky said. ‘There’s nothing she can do in the hands of these adults, who treated her so brutally, savagely, sadistically.’

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    Hendry County school principal under investigation for paddling 6-year-old student in front of child’s mother