School That Suspended Male Student For Wearing Nail Varnish Changes ‘Harmful’ Dress Code

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School That Suspended Male Student For Wearing Nail Varnish Changes 'Harmful' Dress CodeKTABTV/trevvowilkinson/Twitter

The Texas school that removed a male pupil for wearing nail polish has now amended its entire dress code with a more gender neutral policy.

When then 17-year-old Trevor Wilkinson refused to remove his nail polish after arriving to class in October 2020, Clyde High School decided to suspend him.


An impassioned speech addressing LGBTQ+ rights led to worldwide attention and hundreds of thousands of signatures in support.

In the wake of the now 18-year-old’s protest, the school in question has opted to change its dress policy to accommodate everyone. Making its dress code more gender neutral, thanks to the help of Lambda Legal and the ACLU of Texas.

In December, the ACLU asked the school to ‘do the right thing’, according to CNN. After lengthy talks, the school decided to alter the policy for one semester, but Trevor was not happy that it was but a temporary fix to an ongoing solution.

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‘I’m graduating this year so I won’t be around to stand up to this and keep fighting this,” he shared. ‘So the lawyers got more involved and kind of guided them a little bit, and my school did the great thing and made a committee to make this gender-neutral dress code and it got approved three nights ago,’ he clarified after the victory.

The ACLU’s attorney, Brian Klosterboer, said: ‘Forcing students to follow gender stereotypes is outdated, unconstitutional, and harmful. We are thankful that the school district has changed its discriminatory dress code. This would not have been possible without Trevor’s advocacy and bravery on this issue.

‘It’s amazing,’ said Trevor, after the decision went his way. ‘I think that the policy is inclusive to everyone and I truly do believe that it’s gender neutral,’ he said, happily.

‘There’s still a few things that we could change, but overall we still are making so many great steps in the right direction. I’m so proud of my school and everyone that helped me get to this point.’


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    This teenager's painted nails got him suspended. Now his Texas school district has created a more gender-neutral dress code policy