Schoolboy Cries After Failing Gymnastics Before Something Brilliant Happens


Samuel Beckett once said: ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.’ And this video proves that you can do more than merely fail better.

In this heart-warming clip, an emotional little boy fails numerous times at a gymnastics routine in what is presumed to be his school hall in Japan, according to the Mirror.

The little boy then breaks into tears in the midst of it all. He takes multiple run ups but, in what seems like eternal failure, he just cannot clear the pommel horse.


As the fourth attempt comes and goes with again – yeah you guessed it – more bad news, his classmates decided to run up from their benches and rally around the tiny boy for a last minute motivational pep talk.

Cue take five and the youngster sprints, jumps, and clears the pommel horse. Before he even hits the floor the crowd roars in pure excitement.

Great work. The power of friendship!