Scientist Digs Out Wasp Nest, Huge Swarm Attacks

Bob Brown/YouTube

Video of a scientist digging out a German wasp nest in New Zealand has gone viral.

Dr Bob Brown uploaded the terrifying footage two weeks ago, and it shows just how many wasps are actually contained in the deceptively small nests.

Dr Brown uploaded two versions of the footage, and collectively they have been viewed over 800,000 times.

Check it out:

Dr Brown wrote in the video’s description:

I have many years of experience and use specialized equipment to do this and still get the odd sting, so please don’t try to dig an active nest yourself!”

“As you can see from the copious amount of venom on the camera lens, these wasps meant business.

And Dr Brown wasn’t done yet, he had to return to the same nest in order to locate the queen which he says escaped during his first attempt.

Fuck that, it’s like a park bin in summer on steroids.

Bob Brown/YouTube

What a line of work to get into.