Prominent Scientist Has Incredible Theory About Aliens On Earth

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A prominent scientist has a mind-blowing theory on how aliens interact with humans and our place in the galaxy. 

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has claimed that the Earth could in fact be a bizarre zoo designed for the amusement of hyper-advanced aliens.

The renowned scientist even hypothesised that the ‘weird politics’ of Earth could be being inflicted on us by aliens for their own entertainment.

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Tyson made his comments at the Starmus conference in Tenerife, Spain, where he warned that our relative lack of intelligence made it dangerous to try and contact beings who’ve mastered intergalactic travel.

He said:

I fear the day we come upon a species such as that. Maybe I don’t fear it, I just hope that all they would do for us is create a zoo where we are happy. And maybe that is what they call Earth.

The best case scenario would be that our intelligence would be alien taking absolutely no interest in us at all due to our relative stupidity.

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He explained that alien civilisations may have already concluded that the solar system has no intelligent life, saying that just because we define ourselves as intelligent, it doesn’t necessarily mean other beings do.

The scientist also dismissed recent comments by Stephen Hawking that aliens could potentially wipe out humanity by comparing us to worms saying: “even if you wanted to kill all the worms you’d soon get bored and do something else.”

To be fair to Neil this would explain why everything seems to have gone so mad in the last few months…