Scotland Could ‘Leave The UK And Join Canada’


The idea Scotland could leave the UK and join Canada, is the latest one in a long line of speculations about the country’s future. 

Scotland is in turmoil at the moment as to whether to stick with the UK or to depart and make their own way, following the shockwaves of the Brexit announcement last year.

According to author Ken McGoogan, Scotland could leave the UK and join forces with Canada, the Independent reports.

The Canadian author deemed the fact the two counties are not joined at a border ‘irrelevant’ and said if it was to become a Canadian province, it would be the third largest country in the world.

He suggested the country would have a lot more power and control over its decisions, although it would not be fully independent.

He said:

No, Scotland would not become fully independent. But even as a typical Canadian province, it would have more powers than it does now.

Provincial legislatures have jurisdiction over their internal constitutions and direct taxation for provincial purposes, including for municipalities, school boards, hospitals, property and civil rights, administration of civil and criminal justice, and the list goes on.


This could mean some pretty big changes for the country, but still mean they could keep control of a lot of resources they already own, such as the oil revenues from the North Sea.

Potentially, if they teamed up with all the 4.7 million Canadians who claim Scottish descent, they could essentially create a ‘power block,’ of nearly a quarter of the country’s total population.

Adding to his theory, he interestingly pointed out Edinburgh is actually closer to an island off the east coast of Canada, than it is to Athens in Greece.


Scotland are keen to still be a part of the European Union and the author suggests it could still do this if it joined up with its overseas partner.

He added:

What if, after Brexit, Scotland applied to rejoin, not as a nation of 5.3 million, but as part of a country of 41.8 million. Obviously, it would have more clout. For Canadians, Scotland would establish a foothold in multicultural Europe.

So, while the Tories in Britain and the Republicans in the United States set about creating a neo-liberal Anglosphere – anti-egalitarian, avowedly Christian, pro-Big Business, pro-military – Scotland becomes part of Canada and helps lead the way to a more progressive world.

At the moment, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is rallying for a second independence referendum, making the fair point that to thirds of her country voted to remain.

The author does make a fair point in many respects although it would mean a monumental shake up for the UK if they did decide to go…

Interesting/scary times ahead…