Scotland Just Broke The World Record For Tidal Power Electricity Generation

Wikimedia Commons

A tidal power station in the Pentland Firth, Scotland, has just smashed the world record for electricity generation.

Atlantis Resources, located between mainland Scotland and Orkney, has generated an impressive 700 megawatt-hours of electricity during August, according to a MeyGen Operation & Production Update.

In this exciting update, Director of Project Delivery at MeyGen, David Taaffe, offered the following statement:

The production performance from the installed turbines on the MeyGen project has been very good.

August proved to be a world record month, providing enough energy to power 2,000 Scottish homes from just two turbines.

David is confident there will be further successes going forward:

We expect to continue to break records throughout the rest of the year generating both predictable power and revenue.

Previous studies have shown how the tidal flows between the Atlantic Sea and the North Sea have the potential to fulfil almost 50% of Scotland’s energy needs.

This is a huge leap forward for generating clean, sustainable energy which will support jobs and strengthen Scottish energy security.