Scotland Yard Confirmed Who Actually Shot The London Terror Attacker

by : UNILAD on : 23 Mar 2017 13:51

Four people were left dead, including the terrorist after yesterday’s attack on Westminster, London, but the speculation is rife as to who it was that shot the assailant. 

Several reports, including one from the political correspondent for the BBC, Chris Mason are claiming the terrorist was actually shot by MP Michael Fallon’s security guard.

UNILAD spoke to Scotland Yard to confirm exactly who it was that killed the attacker.


A spokesperson said:

The attacker was shot by a police firearms officer.

On pressing for further information regarding the nature of the police officer and whether he was actually a security guard, specifically employed to protect the MP, Scotland Yard declined to comment.


Another spokesperson said:

I’m unable to comment on them at all.

We haven’t given any details at all. No one at this end would have had that information.

They concluded by saying they could not specifically reveal who it was that shot the attacker so as to not reveal his identity.


They said:

He was shot by a police firearms officer.

We’re not giving out specific roles. He was a police firearms officer.

To reveal more would be to identity the officer which is something we don’t do.

However, the BBC, along with other news outlets and journalists, understand it was Michael Fallon‘s security guard and not a routine Commons security guard.


The investigation is continuing after a man driving a car ploughed into a dozen people on Westminster Bridge, before crashing into the railings of Parliament and stabbing a policeman to death.

Tragically three innocent people lost their lives in the incident, including one woman named Aysha Frade and the 48-year-old police officer, Keith Palmers.

Eight people have now been arrested in Birmingham and London this morning following the attack.


Further details are yet to emerge.

Thoughts go out to those who lost their lives, the victims’ relatives and all those who are affected by the horrific attack.

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