Seagull Steals GoPro Camera, Manages To Capture Amazing Footage Of Spanish Coast


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YouTube viewers everywhere were left stunned when they watched a video uploaded by one German tourist who was visiting Spain.

Martin Lozano was visiting the Cies Islands, and decided to put his GoPro camera down for a minute, only to see it picked up by a seagull, who then went on quite the journey with it, capturing footage as he flew.

The footage gives an amazing look at the Spanish coast and stunningly shows the mist surrounding the Spanish archipelago, the ocean and also northern coastline in all its glory.

Needless to say, it has already been seen a couple of million times, and we think there will be many more views to come.

Not only does the seagull manage to capture better footage than most of us would dream of, he also returns the camera to its rightful owner.

What. A. Boss.