Seal Leaps Onto Family Boat As Killer Whales Circle It


A quick thinking seal was able to avoid almost certain death, leaping onto a nearby family boat after it was surrounded by a pod of hungry killer whales.

The poor animal’s fate looked sealed, but a nerve-racking video shows how a holidaying family’s dinghy proved to be its salvation as the little guy sheltered in the boat.

Meanwhile, at least three orcas can be seen circling, hunting for the hiding seal near Malaspina Inlet near the south coast of British Columbia, Canada.

As the video is being filmed, one member of the U.S. family who own the aptly named Plum Lucky boat, can be heard asking, “What’s going to happen if the whales come?”

A woman added, “I feel bad for him. Sometimes you root for the whale and sometimes you root for the seal.”

Well, we were definitely rooting for the seal watching this one! And, fortunately, the seal’s hiding tactics paid off for him as, after about 20 minutes, the whales gave up and the seal swam away safe and sound.