Seals Use FaceTime To Maintain Long Distance Relationship

Sea Life Weymouth/YouTube

Meet Sija and Babyface, a pair of long distance lovers who were separated in the summer.

The seals use FaceTime to see each other for the first time in months with a little bit of help from their keepers, who believed they would be missing each other.

The pair successfully brought two pups into the world, although the pregnancy should never have been as Sija was on the seal equivalent of the pill.

According to the video below it is not recommended that these seals breed, although it never says why, and to prevent this from happening again Sija was moved from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, Gweek, to an all-girl tank at Weymouth Sea Life Centre.

Call me a skeptic, but if they have mastered the use of an iPad for FaceTime then Tinder is just a flipper swipe away from destroying their long distance relationship.