Sean Bean Is Sad That He Didn’t Survive The Civ VI Trailer


Poor old Sean Bean just can’t catch a break. The actor who’s died what seems like a million onscreen deaths can’t even make it through a Civ VI trailer. 

The worst part is, it turns out he wasn’t even entirely aware that he this time, as revealed in a great behind the scenes documentary.

Check it out below, and remember to pray for Sean.

He wasn’t too pleased to learn of yet another demise, either. ‘Do you mean I don’t survive the trailer?’ he asks, pain in his eyes as footage of his character dying in a nasty plane explosion plays in the background. ‘But… but I thought I survived this.’

Still, he finds a way to make light of his dark situation, joking that they’ll probably just get somebody else in to do the next game.

To be fair, I’d fully support Civ VII if they decided to include the ghost of Sean Bean – that’d be awesome.

RIP Sean Bean. Again.