Second Plane Window Falls Off Mid-Air Leaving Three Passengers Injured

Asian News International

Shocking footage from an Air India flight shows the aftermath of severe turbulence which left three injured and caused a window panel to break off during flight.

The flight, which took off less than 24 hours after a woman died when she was ‘sucked through a plane window’ in a different mid-flight emergency, left many passengers in tears.

A probe has now been launched by aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB).

The full flight from Amritsar to Delhi was only supposed to last around 30 minutes but hit severe turbulence soon after take off when the altitude was around 15,000 feet.

Asian News International posted the video, captioned:

Air India flight from Amritsar to Delhi experienced severe turbulence and three passengers sustained minor injuries.

A window panel also fell off.

The strong tremors lasted for around 10-12 minutes and passengers filmed the inside of the plane, showing an air hostess trying to fix the damage window panel.

The woman next to the window panel was hit in the head when it flew off, and she can be seen holding her head in pain in the footage.

This comes after a woman died on Southwest Airlines flight 1380 after being partially sucked through a plane window after an engine exploded in mid-air.

The Boeing 737-700 had left New York’s La Guardia airport and was on its way to Dallas, Texas, with 143 passengers and five crew members when the explosion happened.

Flight 1380 From NYC to Dallas crash landed in Philly. Engine exploded in the air and blew open window 3 seats away from…

Posted by Marty Martinez on Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Witnesses said an engine on the plane’s left side blew out, which smashed a window, causing cabin pressure to dramatically drop.

The woman, who’s being identified as Wells Fargo employee, Jennifer Riordan, was partially sucked through the window before being pulled back in by fellow passengers, according to reports.

Riordan, a 43-year-old mother-of-two, from Albuquerque, was reported to have been returning from a business trip in New York.

Staff at the charity United Way of Central New Mexico, have posted a statement on the company website, which reads:

The staff and volunteers of United Way of Central New Mexico are deeply saddened by the loss of Jennifer Riordan of Wells Fargo.

Jennifer cheerfully championed so many causes in our region and was a real force for good.

We’ve so many wonderful memories of Jennifer’s willingness to connect people to each other and our community to a better path.

Jennifer served UWCNM most recently as a member of our Mission: Graduate Vision Council, but has served in many capacities over the years.

She will be greatly missed.

Posted by Marty Martinez on Tuesday, 17 April 2018

A spokesman for Philadelphia International Airport said:

Southwest Airlines flight 1380, which departed LaGuardia for Dallas Love Field (DAL), diverted to PHL because of an operational event.

The plane landed safely. No slides were deployed. At this time, passengers are coming down a mobile stairway and are being bussed to the terminal.

A spokesman for Southwest Airlines said:

Safety is always our top priority at Southwest Airlines, and we are working diligently to support our customers and crews at this time.

Our thoughts are with all those injured.