Secret Cam Set Up To Catch ‘Thief’ Discovers Him Doing Something Disgusting

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It can be dangerous picking strangers as roommates. You could end up with a murderer, a kleptomaniac, a diehard Nickelback fan – or worse, like someone who does unmentionable things to your toothbrush.


If you’re repulsed just contemplating that, spare a thought for a couple in New Zealand who had it happen to them.

Sarah and her boyfriend, who wish to remain anonymous, recently discovered their flatmates had been rummaging through their belongings and using their personal items – and they got it all on camera reports 9Honey.


The couple, both 28, were sharing an apartment in New Zealand with another couple who they found through a house share website.


Sarah told 9Honey:

When you find your flatmates blonde hair in your knicker drawer… you’ve got to ask yourself questions.

I often used dry shampoo which was brown to match my dark hair and she has blonde hair. One day after work, I asked if she had dyed her roots because they were so brown and she went bright red.

At the time, I didn’t understand why a simple question would get that reaction, a couple of weeks later, I found out why.

After becoming suspicious, Sarah and her partner set up a camera.


The footage showed the housemates had both been sneaking into their bedroom. The woman would help herself to Sarah’s hair and face products and the man would sneak in and seemingly rub their toothbrushes against his genitals. Yup.

After buying new toothbrushes, Sarah and her boyfriend consulted the couple – mainly, the guy, who confessed to having a ‘toothbrush obsession’.

Unsurprisingly, they moved out the next day.

Moral of the story? Screen your roommates thoroughly before agreeing to live with strangers.

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