‘Secret Code’ In Moors Murderers Ian Brady’s Love Letters Could Reveal Site Of Last Victim’s Body


The love letters of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley could contain clues as to the whereabouts of their last victim’s body, as well as the graphic details of his death.

Police and government officials are hoping the coded letters will help them find the body of 11-year-old Keith Bennett, from Manchester, who went missing in June 1964.

Despite the desperate pleas of Keith’s mother, Winnie Johnson, who died in 2012, Ian Brady never revealed the whereabouts of his final victim’s body.


A Ministry of Justice spokesman explained why the documents would remain classified, saying:

The body of Keith Bennett is yet to be recovered, and the police are still hopeful that one day they will be able to effect this. The information in this file potentially still retains value in assisting the police to achieve this aim.

Combined with new information, or re-interpreted, it could prove key in finally bringing this case to a conclusion. Therefore disclosure into the public domain may risk prejudicing the opportunity to resolve the final mystery in this, one of the defining criminal cases of the last century.


Hindley’s prison records were released when she died, aged 69, in 2002. Only two of the hundreds of letters the murderous couple shared have been made public, amid fears the revelations would traumatise the family members of the Moors Murders five victims.

Due to the notorious nature of the case, it is well-documented that Hindley and Brady used at least one code they called 6-7-8 to communicate, reports the Daily Mail.


A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said:

The current status of the investigation is that it is with our Cold Case team which means it has not been closed. If new information comes to light then the Cold Case team will investigate those leads.

All the letters, following review, are to remain classified until at least 2051. This news comes just a day after Ian Brady died in prison, aged 79.