Secret Service Agent Turns Up At Woman’s Home After She Posted Threat About Trump

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A video has emerged of the moment a Secret Service agent turns up at a woman’s front door just hours after she made a disparaging comment about Donald Trump on Facebook.

The footage was filmed in San Antonio, Texas, and shows the agent, along with an SAPD officer standing outside the woman’s door as they try to question her, while the woman’s nephew films them.

The video apparently starts just moments after the two men tried to get inside the house and ‘intimidate’ the woman.

However, it turned out the men did not have a warrant, and when asked whether she had committed a crime, was under arrest or was being charged with anything, they replied: ‘not at this point, no.’

You can watch it here:

The nephew who uploaded the video said:

My aunt posted a comment on a post about Donald Trump and a few hours later the secret service came to our home with a local police officer. Before I began recording the agent was trying to intimidate and get in our home without a warrant. After an exchange of words they left.

As the footage shows, when asked what’s going on by her nephew, the woman – called Candice – says:

I made comments online so the secret service came to my door with a SAPD that works with them

Rifling through his papers, the Secret Service agent tries to ask Candice a number of questions, to which she replies they are ‘none of his concern’.

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She says:

Is this mandatory? Do I need to speak to you? Am I under arrest and I being charged with anything? Anything?

When the agent says no, Candice asks them why they are there.

He says:

I’m here to ask you about these statements you made online.

He then reads the specific statement that Candice apparently posted on Facebook.

It reads:

Can someone shoot that fool between the eyes already and call it a day

Candice goes on:

So what you’re saying is I don’t have freedom of speech? That I can’t say what I want to, is that the concern? Did I commit a crime by expressing what I said?

The heated conversation between the agent and Candice goes on, until it finally emerges that it’s not actually mandatory for her to answers his questions, and has the right to seek legal representation before doing so.

As a compromise, the agent agrees to give Candice his number so they can continue their conversation at a later date. However, even though the agent is holding a pen and paper in his hands, he asks her to get her own. Which just seems petty. Eventually, he writes down his contact details using his own pen and paper.


Candice ends by saying:

It’s alright. Not everyone agrees with their commander-in-chief. Poor fucking them.

Is freedom of speech under threat? Is this what Trump’s Secret Service agents do with their days? I better start redacting this article…

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