Secret Signs That Gave Child Killing Step Dad Away


A child killer who has been convicted for murdering his stepdaughter gave away some telltale signs of his guilt in the middle of an appeal to find the young girl.

A new documentary has revealed there were two crucial signs displayed by Miles Evans during the televised appeal at a press conference alongside his wife Paula.

Paula’s nine-year-old daughter Zoe went missing 20 years ago, and her disappearance and subsequent media attention prompted the largest police search ever seen at the time.


Zoe was found dead in a badger sett six weeks after her disappearance and at the time, it was unclear who had committed the atrocity.

She was last seen being put to bed at her home in Warminster, Wiltshire by her mother back in 1997.

Miles appeared alongside Paula during the searches and as part of the TV appeal for any information on the whereabouts of Zoe.


The army lorry driver could be seen faking concern and even promised ‘lots of cuddles’ for when the girl returned home.

Miles was a private in the Royal Logistics Corps and his appearance on screen eventually led to his arrest.

He unconsciously betrayed signs of his guilt as he spoke to the TV cameras and media and this was picked up by body language expert Cliff Lansley.


During his time on screen, Miles closed his eyes when he was speaking and rubbed his hand along his leg, which the psychologist has labelled as an appearance of ‘distancing techniques’, saying:

He’s making a claim – he wants her to come home, we really love you – but those statements are being contradicted by an eye closure.

When the eyes close for a second like they’ve done twice… that’s a clue that he’s not connecting with the words he’s saying.

This could be deception.

miles evansPA

This claim has been made on Faking It: Tears Of A Crime, a documentary series broadcast on the Investigation Discovery channel.

Mr Lansley is the director at the Emotional Intelligence Agency and claims Evans appears to be ‘manipulating his leg’ in the footage.

According to Mr Lansley, this is a telltale sign that Evans is under stress.

Miles Evans was convicted at the age of 24 in 1998 and was jailed for life with a minimum of 17 years.

A post-mortem of Zoe found she had died from asphyxiation after a t-shirt was stuffed in her mouth. She had been punched in the face.


Miles Evans isn’t the only example of a murderer who was betrayed by their own body language – Soham murderer Ian Huntley was also given away after seven interviews with the police left experts convinced he had committed the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

Cliff Lansley once again revealed the truth behind Huntley’s behaviour when asked whether he’d had physical contact with Holly and Jessica.

His simple response:

Physical contact? No.


Cliff continued:

There are multiple things wrong. He has clamped his hands. He is rubbing and manipulating his fingers to try and comfort himself and his shoulder is raising slightly on the right-hand side.

Then when he says ‘no’, the volume of no comes down fifty percent and he synchronises his head one to two seconds afterwards.

So, there are seven, eight indicators of deception here when he is using just three words.


Faking It: Tears of a Crime will be broadcast at 10pm on Friday, 29 September on Investigation Discovery.