Security For Game Of Thrones Season 8 Script Is Insane


Following the Game of Thrones season seven leaks last year, the show’s bosses have taken every precaution short of hiring an army of Unsullied to protect the secrets of season eight. 

Those behind the show were reportedly furious last year when a complete breakdown of Season Seven leaked early last year and have vowed it won’t happen again this year.

To that end, the completed scripts are being kept under lock and key with access to them being extremely limited.

Particular care is being given to the final ever episode which show-runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss claim is now finished.

Unfortunately, despite the beefed up security, David is still worried spoilers are as inevitable as a death at a Lannister wedding.

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According to the Daily Star, he said: 

Look at how difficult it is to protect any information in this age. The CIA can’t do it. The NSA can’t do it. So what chance do we have?

Might we suggest burning those who leak plot details with dragon fire? Or is that too Mad King-y?

Last year the show’s star Kit Harrington slammed cast and crew who leak details as ‘arseholes’.