Security Officer Records Strange Video Of UFO Releasing ‘Drones’


A security officer on his evening patrol recorded something strange in the night’s sky when he spotted a bright orb floating in the air

The video was recorded by YouTube user Jared A while he was patrolling the streets of Fairbanks, Alaska, at 3am on May 13 , The Sunday Express reports.

Jared can be heard gasping when he spots the bright light which quickly splits into two orbs, one of which quickly fades away.


Only a minute later the remaining orb splits again, this time into three smaller orbs which then form a weird triangle formation before eventually disappearing.

The confused patrol man can be heard saying ‘Whoa. They’re putting out drones man. Scouting the area I guess.’

Despite having video evidence of the orbs he explained on Reddit that ‘the phone does not do it justice’ they were ‘brighter and just simply amazing to see’.

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The strange video’s been watched more than 5,000 times since it was first posted, and a number of ufologists have claimed that the video is more proof that we’re not alone in the universe.

One commentator wrote:

I wonder if there is any significant code in its flashing light, maybe some morse codes, could someone here who knows decoding give it a try?

The bizarre clips’ confused even those a bit more sceptical about little green men with one commenter writing, ‘this one is truly confusing’.

However there may be a more mundane answer to the strange UFO as some have speculated that the impressive light show was nothing more than space debris entering the earth’s atmosphere and breaking up.