See How Quantum Break Has Changed With This Cool Prototype Footage


In a recent lecture in Paris, Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment decided to share some prototype footage of their time bending action adventure title, much like how a proud mum shows off baby photos of their teenage kid. Kind of. Not really though. 

The footage (below) is mostly from 2012, and was to show just how much Quantum Break changed over the development process. The stuff in the video was put together at the request of Microsoft as part of their greenlighting process.

The library section shown in the video also managed to find its way into the final version of Quantum Break, though we’re told the finished version is “quite different” from the prototype stage.

Creative Director Sam Lake (who gave the lecture) also discussed plans for the Quantum Break franchise as a whole. This particular game will be running alongside a TV tie in of course, but Lake says the team has ideas that would cover “much more” than one game.

After all,  you can’t make anything these days without it accidentally crapping out an entire transmedia universe.